Hey everyone!


Since I have been talking about Starkbierfest (Nockherberg) for so long (I mean a week now). I have decided to make a very brief blog post dedicated to starkbierfest. I hope you saw my wonderful sarcastic video and if you haven’t you need to CLICK HERE

Munich (Bavaria actually but I will keep to Munich because I have a little more knowledge about Munich) is full of bierfests. I feel like the only things you can always be certain for in Munich are late s-bahns, changing weather, and bierfests.

The whole idea of beerfests is something so welcoming for me. The idea to drink, eat, socialize, and dance is something that really makes my heart happy. All over Munich and throughout the year there are many different types of bierfests. Whether it be Wiesn (Oktoberfest), Frühlingsfests, Starkbierfests, Waldfests, Sommerfests, etc etc. The supply of beerfests in Munich is ENOUGH and there will usually be one no matter what time of the year you show up.

I have been to Starkbierfest every year since I have been in Munich. I think for me it’s a tradition now. Plus it keeps me happy during these cold depressing winter months. Hopefully I will have a vlog up and running for you guys showcasing my time at Starkbierfest by next Sunday (I won’t make any promises). If you are in Munich and you are looking for something to do this weekend… Starkbierfest is here!

I wish you guys so much fun and lots of warm weather *hopefully* (I mean as warm as March in Munich can be).




Love always

Hayley ❤



Hello everyone!

I know…I suck at being on time and what not BUT I am here to tell you…well show you my Oktoberfest experience. I did not take that many photos or videos during Oktoberfest but everything I have will be put here on this blog 😀

I went multiple times to Oktoberfest (not as many as last year) but this year was a lot more fun. I got to experience some crazy things, met a bunch of awesome people etc. etc. I uploaded a video to Youtube (if you want to see more). I would also like to give a big hug to Isha, who had enough courage to come say hi to me!! YOU ARE SO SWEET!! ❤

I will now post photos…. ENJOY


Love Always,

Hayley ❤