Disney World

Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon

So I ended up at Disney last weekend. It was a family trip (a family friend’s daughter celebrated her birthday) and I spent 2 magical days at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. It has been a few years since my last Disney trip and let me tell you….Magic Kingdom was PACKED. I have seriously never seen so many people in an amusement park before.

I have been to Disney more times than I can count and I do not remember it being so crowded… Hour long lines just to meet Jasmine :p Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with Mickey but it was still beautiful and worth it. The weather (aside from not packing a proper jacket) was beautiful and there were seriously not that many clouds in the sky…. The sun was shining like a diamond!

I am so happy that I was able to go back to Disney and relive my childhood and I am so thankful my mom made it all possible 😉 … Sometimes it’s really good for you to be a kid again 😀 I hope it’s not freezing in Germany anymore! I promise I am sending a bunch of  sun!!! *If you are planning a Florida/Disney trip anytime soon please be sure to do everything in advance* There are certain rides/restaurants that are sold out for reservations and fast passes for at least a year -_-



Love always,

Hayley ❤



Hello Franz 😀

Paris trip number 2. As most of yall know I spent a little time in France for the Holidays. I really did not think 4 months ago that I would end up in France for the New Year but life is always a little funny in that regard.

Anywho I ate too much, saw a lot of sites, walked a lot of kilometers, said Mon Cheri too many times to count and fell in love with such a beautiful city. If you have never ever been to Paris or even France for that matter…YOU SHOULD. It’s edgy, it’s sexy, it’s old, its modern. It’s just a big ole contradiction….There is so much to be found in Paris and you will never get bored.


❤ Always Hayley


Happy Friday friends!

I hope you are enjoying the cold! If you are an Instagram friend then you already know that I was in Heidelberg this past weekend (I did a lot this past weekend…More blog posts to follow). I have promised myself to see more of Germany during the next year and I swear on everything that I will hold myself accountable. Heidelberg is a very “scenic” city. It’s a tourist melting pot. I was seriously…honestly…truly…amazed at how beautiful it was. I am so used to Munich and weißwurst, that I sometimes forget that there are other cities in Germany (I know I KNOW I KNOOOWWWW IM WRONG). With all this and that being said, I will post my pictures now and hopefully they will make you smile as much as I did 😀




❤ Love ya




I know, I haven’t posted anything in a long while BECAUSE (there is reasoning) I was in Sardinia without wifi (slow wifi which is basically NO wifi). I know it was bad timing with me saying “I am going to start uploading/posting on a schedule”. I really would like to get into a schedule of posting things just to have a little organization in my unorganized life.

This post however is not about my lack of organization skills but about Sardinia. YALL… First things first, I would like to give a big thank you to the people that allowed me to travel with them! I am forever amazed at the places that exist past my four walls.

Sardinia…Is…BEAUTIFUL. Crete was beautiful but Sardinia seriously takes the cake. Mallorca was pretty BUT Sardinia is seriously another level of beautiful. The water is blue, the terrain is beautiful, the people are sweet, the food is good (I ate pizza almost every day for 2 weeks) and it’s just perfect. If I had money to blow I would buy a home in Sardinia and spend half of my year here. If you are a person like me (weird, strange, crazy, unicorn princess) and enjoy peace and quiet, Sardinia is the place for you! If you are looking for places to visit in Europe that offer sandy clear beaches…I recommend 100% Sardinia.

*The only true complaint I have is that there are bugs the size of bats that fly around -_-
I will post a picture or 2 now. I am a little sad that summer is ending so quickly. Where does the time go?




❤ Hayley

Isar Swimming.


Good morning friends!

I feel as though I will start my next blog posts off talking about the weather because the weather in Munich is about to go downhill quickly in the next few weeks. Summer is almost over here in good ole’ Germany. I think once I get back from Sardinia….There will be snow on the ground here (haha just kidding).

The only way to get the authentic summer feeling here in the city center of wonderful Munich is to go to the Isar. I feel like such an artsy-fartsy person when I say “let’s go to the isar and “chill””. The other day I met Dominique (some of yall already know her) at the Isar for drinks, snacks and a good time. What I was not prepared for was swimming in the wonderful Munich Ocean.

YALL….IT WAS FREAKING COLD. When I say cold, I mean legit ice cubes were in the water floating next to me. I applaud anyone that does this on a normal basis….You’re hardcore. I do have to say it was relatively refreshing for being so cold.




Love ya<3


Florida….DO I LOVE YOU?

Ok yall, I am a little behind on this whole blogging thing because I keep forgetting that I actually have a blog (oops). I enjoyed my time in America. I do have a few negatives like the heat, the lack of public transportation etc etc but other than that I am so happy to be able to see my family and friend.


After not being in Florida for over 1.5 years I have come to the conclusion that Florida is not for me. I mean if you live in Florida and you live on the beach or 2 houses down from the beach its ok (but the majority of Floridians dont live on the beach). ITS SO DAMN HOT HERE (No…Like legit hot, I call it Satan’s toenail). The weather forecast says it’s 35 degrees Celsius but it feels like 44 degrees celsius… OK FLORIDA. WE GET IT YOU ARE HOT.


I also came back realizing that the water here is not as blue as I remember it to be. Maybe I am spoiled with all these European coastlines… Seriously the water in Europe is SO BLUE. I feel a little bad because I was born and raised in Florida (Florida Cracker). I correlate Florida with home but after this visit I see my home is in need of a little TLC 😦 It’s sad that people don’t realize the gem they have until it’s too late. I will post more photos of my photos of my Florida trip during the week once everything is uploaded and sorted through.



Love ya<3



Going Greek

Kaliméra (That is good morning in Greek). 

As most of yall know I was able to stay in wonderful Crete


I have really enjoyed my stay here and find Crete to be such a wonderful (HOT) location.
I stayed in the Cretan Malia Park Hotel and I must say it was a beautiful hotel.
I am pretty sure my thumbs up and good reviews come from the fact that my stay was 
all-inclusive (Hayley was at the buffet everyday eating 10+ meals).

This trip is seriously my R&R. I have been asked "are you not bored all alone"?
My answer is always the same "have you not been to Munich"? The weather in Munich
has been anything but beautiful. I have been spending every second in the sun and 
at the buffet. 

I wanted to do this post as an appreciation for how beautiful Crete is. I think Crete
does not get as much credit as deserved. I believe a lot of European people stick 
to Spain, Italy or the more northern parts of Greece. All I can say is that
if you are ever looking for a cute, quiet, hot and clean vacation destination I give
Crete 2 thumbs up (plus 2 big toes).

As always I will be quiet and post my pictures now.(MORE PICTURES WILL COME LATER)
Love Always
Hayley  xoxo