Disney World

Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon

So I ended up at Disney last weekend. It was a family trip (a family friend’s daughter celebrated her birthday) and I spent 2 magical days at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. It has been a few years since my last Disney trip and let me tell you….Magic Kingdom was PACKED. I have seriously never seen so many people in an amusement park before.

I have been to Disney more times than I can count and I do not remember it being so crowded… Hour long lines just to meet Jasmine :p Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with Mickey but it was still beautiful and worth it. The weather (aside from not packing a proper jacket) was beautiful and there were seriously not that many clouds in the sky…. The sun was shining like a diamond!

I am so happy that I was able to go back to Disney and relive my childhood and I am so thankful my mom made it all possible 😉 … Sometimes it’s really good for you to be a kid again 😀 I hope it’s not freezing in Germany anymore! I promise I am sending a bunch of  sun!!! *If you are planning a Florida/Disney trip anytime soon please be sure to do everything in advance* There are certain rides/restaurants that are sold out for reservations and fast passes for at least a year -_-



Love always,

Hayley ❤


Florida 2018

Hey y’all! 


I am a little behind with everything but I have finally gotten settled in and have time to do my social media stuff. Florida is awesome y’all (right now there is a “cold front” and we can’t really go to the beach) but we are still enjoying our time. I have been eating too much… As was expected but I hope to start working out sometime this week. Tonight I am going shooting and will kick everyones butt in target practice.

I spent the first couple of days in Naples with a wonderful 23 degrees and clear skies….It’s currently season in Florida so there are a bunch of Germans here and people from up north. I feel like I’m back in Munich with sunshine :p


Love y’all ❤



I know, I haven’t posted anything in a long while BECAUSE (there is reasoning) I was in Sardinia without wifi (slow wifi which is basically NO wifi). I know it was bad timing with me saying “I am going to start uploading/posting on a schedule”. I really would like to get into a schedule of posting things just to have a little organization in my unorganized life.

This post however is not about my lack of organization skills but about Sardinia. YALL… First things first, I would like to give a big thank you to the people that allowed me to travel with them! I am forever amazed at the places that exist past my four walls.

Sardinia…Is…BEAUTIFUL. Crete was beautiful but Sardinia seriously takes the cake. Mallorca was pretty BUT Sardinia is seriously another level of beautiful. The water is blue, the terrain is beautiful, the people are sweet, the food is good (I ate pizza almost every day for 2 weeks) and it’s just perfect. If I had money to blow I would buy a home in Sardinia and spend half of my year here. If you are a person like me (weird, strange, crazy, unicorn princess) and enjoy peace and quiet, Sardinia is the place for you! If you are looking for places to visit in Europe that offer sandy clear beaches…I recommend 100% Sardinia.

*The only true complaint I have is that there are bugs the size of bats that fly around -_-
I will post a picture or 2 now. I am a little sad that summer is ending so quickly. Where does the time go?




❤ Hayley