Walking in Germany

Good evening everyone!

Since living in Germany I have done 2 things….Gained weight and learned to walk. Granted I knew how to walk in the USA but it’s just not as common as in Germany. They have the whole “spaziergang” thing down to a T. I know you would think if I walk so much more nowadays, I shouldn’t be gaining weight….Have you ever heard of German bread? It’s the devil’s best friend.

This post isn’t necessarily about my weight gain, it’s about WALKING and how nice it is. I am able to experience Germany in a different way. Walking the streets of somewhere is half the fun. Anyone can drive a car, park it and arrive at the destination but I have learned that the journey is what makes everything so magical. I think I realize now one of the main reasons I fell in love with Munich (don’t get me wrong, there are millions) was due the fact that I discovered this city all by myself by foot. I have discovered treasures that I would never be able to discover if I did not WALK.

If you are in Germany and you are able to walk from point a to point b…PLEASE DO SO. Not only is it the healthier option, it is the most scenic 😀



Cheap Train Tickets Through Bayern

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.53.52 PM

Hey you guys!

I have been traveling with the “trains” for quite some time here in Munich. You would think I know all the tricks… BUT, I still seem to surprise myself. Well I don’t surprise myself, the Deutsche Bahn seems to surprise me.

Basically, if you are coming to Munich/Bayern as a group (up to 5 people) anytime soon, and looking for a cheap way to travel I would recommend getting the Bayern-Ticket. Not only is it cheap, you can order it months beforehand and you can also get it at any DB ticket automat.

The ticket lets you travel throughout Bayern for the day for DIRT CHEAP. I mean….REALLY cheap. I bought the ticket once with 4 other girls and we took a trip to Salzburg (near Bavaria) and it cost 50 euros there and back for all 5 of us. Granted we could not take the ICE and had to take the regional trains BUT STILL 50euros for a round trip to another country is a great deal. There are so many places that are accessible with this ticket and so many places that you could visit. If you are thinking about traveling to Bavaria and wanting to visit many destinations/make multiple stops the Bayern ticket is one of your best bets. PLUS the views are amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 8.54.33 PM

This table just shows the amount of people traveling (anzahl Reisende) and the difference between price and class (2. Klasse = Economy, 1. Klasse = First class, Nacht = evening train rides).

I hope you will have so much fun and wish you so much luck on your journey through Bavaria!!

Love, Hayley ❤

Ho Ho Ho

Happy Holidays Friends

It is December…The time has been flying by so fast and I still have yet to get my life together. I am currently sitting at my desk eating chocolate and praying that the chocolate is magical and does not make me fat -_- A girl can dream right?

Coming from Florida I never really had the “White Christmas” experience. I saw snow when I was 16 and I was not that amused. I am used to being at the beach on the 26th of December drinking a Pina Colada (no joke, it’s like a tradition..I’m an alcoholic..UGH MOTHER DONT JUDGE ME). None the less moving to Germany has taught me a lot of things and has opened my eyes to so many culture shocks BUT one of the most major culture shocks I have experienced are the Christmas/Festive/Holiday/Winter times.

Ok you’re probably thinking “Hayley Christmas is Christmas”..YEAH I USED TO THINK THIS AS WELL BUT I WAS WRONG.. WE ARE WRONG TOGETHER. WE ARE ALLLL SIMPLY WRONG.

This post will not go into the details about Christmas/Winter it will just skim the surface and I hope that is enough for yall. I will post a video this a week before Christmas (the 16th-18th ish because Christmas is on the 25th for us crazy Americans) and you can watch it to see some more points/hear what I have to say about Christmas. I will be listing  5 points and save the rest for the video! Enjoy ❤

  • Christmas is celebrated on the 24th in Germany and the 25th in The United States
    1. The Germans (some) have a “preliminary”(the easiest word I could use) Christmas that is on the 6th of December and children receive presents.


  • Germany has crazy Christmas Markets (seriously you can not compare it to anything in the United States). In The USA we have a bunch of parades and they usually bring about a feeling of Christmas.


  • Trees in America are ridiculous (we have candy canes, lights, popcorn Cindy Crawford Home decor..hehe). German trees seem to be more traditional.


  • The German Santa Claus system can be very confusing if you are not informed about it beforehand. Different regions use different names for the same person. In the USA we use Santa for EVERYTHING.
    • Don’t be surprised if you are in Munich that you hear Christkindl and if you are up north you hear weihnachtsmann….It’s typical


  • The final point which is my favorite is that in The USA we have eggnog and in Germany there is GLÜHWEIN which is basically THE BEST DRINK EVER… Mulled wine…Sweet, warm and makes you want to sit on the couch cuddling your dog or cat or hamster…Whichever you prefer.


If you are moving to Germany or just visiting, enjoy as much and as many Christmas markets as you can and take 1,000,000 photos! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and many many kisses.



❤ Always xoxo Hayley

Isar Swimming.


Good morning friends!

I feel as though I will start my next blog posts off talking about the weather because the weather in Munich is about to go downhill quickly in the next few weeks. Summer is almost over here in good ole’ Germany. I think once I get back from Sardinia….There will be snow on the ground here (haha just kidding).

The only way to get the authentic summer feeling here in the city center of wonderful Munich is to go to the Isar. I feel like such an artsy-fartsy person when I say “let’s go to the isar and “chill””. The other day I met Dominique (some of yall already know her) at the Isar for drinks, snacks and a good time. What I was not prepared for was swimming in the wonderful Munich Ocean.

YALL….IT WAS FREAKING COLD. When I say cold, I mean legit ice cubes were in the water floating next to me. I applaud anyone that does this on a normal basis….You’re hardcore. I do have to say it was relatively refreshing for being so cold.




Love ya<3




Hey yall!

I am back in Germany and really behind on my uploading schedule BECAUSE I am too lazy to press “upload” on my computer. In the mean time you guys will get a bunch of random blog posts.

After being in Florida for 2 weeks I learned something….I learned that America is land to the fat asses. I never knew this was a problem (well, I knew. I just pushed it to the back of my mind). I was not as conscious about the whole “fat ass” tendencies that us Americans tend to have -_- until I lived in Germany for awhile….. You are probably thinking. DUH HAYLEY EVERYONE KNOWS AMERICANS ARE FAT. Um yes but I never saw it as such an issue until I removed myself from the situation.

I have a few reasons as to why Americans are so fat. I will go into as little detail as I possibly can (because that is how I roll, I am a lazy fawk).


1st reason why us patriotic pricks are so chubby is because fast food is ridiculously cheap. I think it cost more money to buy a bag of carrots than it does to buy a 6 pack of 2 liter coke. PLUS Mcdonalds is ridiculously cheap.

2nd our healthcare system allows it and pushes for it. I know this is my brain working overtime but I feel that the health care system in the USA is so corrupt and they hope people get fat because that means more money for them (these are only my thoughts). Also the USA is so keen and accepting on the topic of getting surgery or taking a pill to lose weight. Hey lets get a tummy tuck or hey lets take this magical pill that makes me poop my brains out to lose 20lbs. In comparison to Germany, the doctor will look at you and say…You are fat go for a walk and eat an apple.

3rd. WE DO NOT WALK. End of that point

4th every freaking food is fried, when I was 10 I tried my first fried oreo -_- when I worked at a restaurant, I made the cook fry my cheesecake. WE HAVE FRIED GREEN BEANS. OH MY….FRIED BROCCOLI… WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?  I mean come on.

5th our portions are out of control, I seriously could not finish my food in America, I had to take a lot of food home. My stomach was not used to such big portions. The cup sizes in America are ridiculous, a small is the equivalent to a German medium and sometimes a German large. I used to be able to eat 2 pieces of cheesecake from the cheesecake factory in one sitting, on my first day back in the states I could only eat 1/4 of a slice.


I have come to the conclusion that this is a problem. I don’t understand why there isn’t a bigger push for pursuing healthier lifestyles? Could someone please tell me? I am so happy that Germany has opened my eyes to the wasteful, gluttonous behavior of us Americans. I hope to start changing minds one muffin at a time. Until then I will go eat a piece of Milka (just kidding)  and think about my lifestyle changes 😉 Goodnight you guys and I love yall.