Going Greek

Kaliméra (That is good morning in Greek). 

As most of yall know I was able to stay in wonderful Crete


I have really enjoyed my stay here and find Crete to be such a wonderful (HOT) location.
I stayed in the Cretan Malia Park Hotel and I must say it was a beautiful hotel.
I am pretty sure my thumbs up and good reviews come from the fact that my stay was 
all-inclusive (Hayley was at the buffet everyday eating 10+ meals).

This trip is seriously my R&R. I have been asked "are you not bored all alone"?
My answer is always the same "have you not been to Munich"? The weather in Munich
has been anything but beautiful. I have been spending every second in the sun and 
at the buffet. 

I wanted to do this post as an appreciation for how beautiful Crete is. I think Crete
does not get as much credit as deserved. I believe a lot of European people stick 
to Spain, Italy or the more northern parts of Greece. All I can say is that
if you are ever looking for a cute, quiet, hot and clean vacation destination I give
Crete 2 thumbs up (plus 2 big toes).

As always I will be quiet and post my pictures now.(MORE PICTURES WILL COME LATER)
Love Always
Hayley  xoxo