Dirndl Time

Ok, so I have neglected my blog. I know, I am horrible. I have been extremely busy…You try having 2 jobs and working an average 40-50 hours a week and run a Youtube channel and blog (If you do this…Bless you). I am so happy to finally squeeze back into my dirndl. I took a hibernation phase which also meant gaining SO MUCH WEIGHT AND HAVING TO go 2 sizes up in my dirndl BUT I enjoyed all the chocolate :p


“About uh week ago..or 2” My favorite Dirndl brand EVER Trachtenwahnsinn LINK HERE had a fashion show in Aloft Munich for their new collection. Basically bringing in the new season for Munich means Dirndl fashion shows everywhere (just kidding). 😀 I was there to add my dimples to the mix and let me tell you guys I fell in love all over again with these bad boys. These dirndls are seriously HAYLEY, they scream my name from the top of the rooftops all through Munich all the while throwing glitter and flowers at pedestrians (am I weird?).

I would just like to say that I am having so much fun in Munich and it’s living up to be everything I ever wanted ❤ Also if you want to see me being stupid on TV…. CLICK HERE

Hopefully I can add more to this story of mine..This relationship I have with Trachtenwahnsinn is so geil :p I also plan on making some videos about this so we shall see!!!


❤ Always Hayley


Dating German Men- Behind The Scenes

Good Evening everyone

Happy 2nd to last day of November :p I am quite excited because very soon my video with Dating Beyond Borders aka Marina aka funniest girl ever, will be posted!!! Marina’s channel focuses on dating around the world with a funny twist added to it. I love her videos and was so excited when she asked me if I wanted to work with her. Not only did we have a good time, I realized how much I love Youtube. I have met so many amazing people from different walks of life through Youtube and I don’t know how I would pass my time without Youtube. Hopefully the video will be posted in the coming weeks and then I can laugh alone in my room late at night while I put it on repeat….I am not weird…I promise.


❤ always Hayley

The Whisper Challenge

Good evening everyone 😀

I am having technical difficulties with my computer and it’s not uploading videos to Youtube. WHATEVER APPLE…REBEL. I DONT CARE. IT’S NOT LIKE IM TRYING TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANYWAYS -_-

As most of yall know I met with Theresia and as always we made a video 😀 I will not upload the video for awhile due to editing and my upload schedule. I am always happy to make videos with her but this video really made me laugh my @#$ off. We decided The Whisper Challenge would be fun and entertaining to do. I always watched these videos on Youtube but after doing it myself I realized that it was anything but easy.

I can’t wait to post it but until then…PICTURES ❤



Love ya ❤

Just Jayley

Good evening friends!


It’s been a long time.. I know and I feel like I start every single post off the same way.. “I’m busy, I have no time…etc. etc.” HOWEVER here I am writing to yall! I have been extremely busy and will be extremely busy for the rest of the month ❤

Moving on to happier topics. JACKIE IS HERE! YALL HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM. Jackie = my friend from America and she will be living in Munich for 1 year… PLUS she only lives 15 minutes away from me (I might cry). I finally have a wine buddy, I finally have a mean girls watching, netflix chilling, cuddle bug girl around. I no longer have to search for friends *_*

With all that being said be expecting Jayley = Jackie & Hayley videos posted on Youtube…. WOOOOP ❤

Love ya xoxo

Forgotten pictures

Good afternoon friends!


I have been missing home lately. I def. do not want to go back  but I miss my friends and family SO MUCH. While deleting a bunch of “files” from my computer, I came across a lot of old pictures. I mean a good 3-7 years. Looking at these photos I have realized that I have been blesses to have such a consistency in my life when it comes to family and friends. I have had the same best friend since elementary school and the same group of best friends since the beginning of high-school.

We are all living our lives, trying to make ourselves better but we will always find the time to communicate with one another. I think that having my group of friends is the only thing that has kept me sane over here in Munich. I have friends of course but these “people” know the real Hayley, good…bad…and ugly. I wish I could thank them for being there for me and supporting me and loving me in and through all my life choices… Even Christal who will never say it out loud (YES CHRISTAL I KNOW YOU LOVE ME). I don’t think they will ever understand how much I love them and how dear they are to me.

Maybe this post is a little too mushy but sometimes you gotta show a little love ❤




❤ Love yall

Isar Swimming.


Good morning friends!

I feel as though I will start my next blog posts off talking about the weather because the weather in Munich is about to go downhill quickly in the next few weeks. Summer is almost over here in good ole’ Germany. I think once I get back from Sardinia….There will be snow on the ground here (haha just kidding).

The only way to get the authentic summer feeling here in the city center of wonderful Munich is to go to the Isar. I feel like such an artsy-fartsy person when I say “let’s go to the isar and “chill””. The other day I met Dominique (some of yall already know her) at the Isar for drinks, snacks and a good time. What I was not prepared for was swimming in the wonderful Munich Ocean.

YALL….IT WAS FREAKING COLD. When I say cold, I mean legit ice cubes were in the water floating next to me. I applaud anyone that does this on a normal basis….You’re hardcore. I do have to say it was relatively refreshing for being so cold.




Love ya<3


On Saturday, we’re tourists

Happy Sunday everyone!

The weather app says it’s supposed to be sunny and “warm” today but as I look outside all I see is disappointment and grey. I am praying it gets better so I can run outside as fast  as possible and soak up the sun.

Yesterday I had such a fun day. I met the wonderful Anni. We have been Youtube friends for awhile now so when she said she was coming to Munich I said “HEY GIRL HEY” Aside from Anni, I met some nice friends of hers (lets see if I get my spelling correct). Lourdes, Ziggy and Gizem. We had a fun day exploring Munich.

We went to Marienplatz….OF COURSE. Eisbach to see the surfers, Hofbrauhaus to see authentic lederhosen, Maximillianstr. (to buy some Chanel ;p), LMU to check out Geschwister Scholl and Katzentemple to drink a coffee.

I am actually quite happy that we made it to Eisbach (I have been living in Munich for quite some time and have never been). I wish I had the “eier” to go in the cold water and shred some waves :p I know I always give Hofbrauhaus a bad name but I do think if you are in Munich you have to go once (even at Oktoberfest..Even if it hurts to say it).

Yesterday was such a good day and I am so happy I got to meet everyone!<3 I now have to go to Frankfurt to visit Anni, it may take me awhile because I am a clam but I promise I will make it to Frankfurt sometime soon 😀


P.s. Anni is just as crazy as I am, if not more :p




Love ya ❤