Dirndl Time

Ok, so I have neglected my blog. I know, I am horrible. I have been extremely busy…You try having 2 jobs and working an average 40-50 hours a week and run a Youtube channel and blog (If you do this…Bless you). I am so happy to finally squeeze back into my dirndl. I took a hibernation phase which also meant gaining SO MUCH WEIGHT AND HAVING TO go 2 sizes up in my dirndl BUT I enjoyed all the chocolate :p


“About uh week ago..or 2” My favorite Dirndl brand EVER Trachtenwahnsinn LINK HERE had a fashion show in Aloft Munich for their new collection. Basically bringing in the new season for Munich means Dirndl fashion shows everywhere (just kidding). 😀 I was there to add my dimples to the mix and let me tell you guys I fell in love all over again with these bad boys. These dirndls are seriously HAYLEY, they scream my name from the top of the rooftops all through Munich all the while throwing glitter and flowers at pedestrians (am I weird?).

I would just like to say that I am having so much fun in Munich and it’s living up to be everything I ever wanted ❤ Also if you want to see me being stupid on TV…. CLICK HERE

Hopefully I can add more to this story of mine..This relationship I have with Trachtenwahnsinn is so geil :p I also plan on making some videos about this so we shall see!!!


❤ Always Hayley


Sommerfest Rosengarten

Good afternoon folks.

I tend to think that life likes to keep me in check sometimes, what I mean by this is that a lot of times in my life, I will have good days which means I will have bad days. When I have good days, I always prepare myself for the bad days that are bound to follow. That is how the world balances itself out. Today was one of those days, my bank card got stuck in the ATM and apparently it takes a lifetime to get a new card here in Germany -_-

The thing is that I feel like this happened because I had such a nice weekend. I got to relax, spend time with people I enjoy etc. etc. etc. The most fun that I had this weekend was at the Sommerfest at Rosengarten. As always, I was with my favorite dirndl brand “EVUH”, Trachtenwahnsinn. I had to leave early but nonetheless I had such an amazing time. The people were sweet, the food was amazing and the energy was so much fun. I also got to meet a lot of new girls (HEYYYY GIRL HEY).

I would like everyone to know that walking for me (on a runway or in front of a crowd) is extremely difficult. I tend to walk like a pigeon//crooked//inward feet//just not straight and I feel that everyone is looking at me and judging my feet (I’m working on fixing it). I would like to give a big thank you to everyone that made the day possible and especially…. Manfred (owner of Trachtenwahnsinn AKA best guy EVUH). Without Manfred none of this would ever be possible ❤ So I hope yall have a wonderful day and enjoy the “geiles” wetter that is supposed to come this week 😀


Love ya ❤


Good Afternoon wonderful happy people!

Let me start off by saying this is my first blog-post! Woohoo. I will now go grab a coffee and tune into my inner blogger.

The past few weeks have been quite fun for me to say the least. As most of yall know I live in the metropolitan city of Munich, Germany…Bavaria. The heart of tradition and southern comfort. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with the owner of a Dirndl label called Trachtenwahnsinn. What the heck is a dirndl?? OK LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU. In America there is this funny movie called “The Sound of Music”(which isn’t even based in Germany, it’s based in Austria) in the movie the people are running around in lederhosen and dirndls, frolicking in the flowers and having a good time (it’s what all Americans think of when they think of Germany). I mean the basic understanding is that people in Germany walk around all day, everyday with lederhosen and dirndl’s on….Riiight? Hmm I mean I hate to disappoint but not all German people wear lederhosen and dirndls (sorry). Wearing tracht (Dirndls and lederhosen) is more for special events and occasions here in Bavaria. Have you ever heard of Oktoberfest?

Details: These dirndls are the epitome of princess. Traditional yet sexy, modern and still a little old school. It’s the perfect mixture between accentuating your assets and keeping a little mystery. There are at most 100 pieces of each dress. The brand itself won the United Fashion Award 2016 in the category of Tradition and Modern and is just taking the dirndl world by storm.

On April 25th there was an event that took place at the Leonardo Hotel Olympiapark and guess who was there (YOURS TRULY). The event was a private fashion show for bloggers. I got to work with such awesome girls, met such sweet people and had such an amazing time. I should just post pictures and stop rambling shouldn’t I?

I am honestly so thankful and grateful to be able to work with such an amazing brand that I feel represents me and embodies everything feminine. I am one step closer to becoming German (wink wink). Plus I think I look damn good in a dirndl.


Auf wiedersehen ❤