I have arrived



Hey everyone,

I have made it to Florida!!! It was one of the longest travel times of my life but that is ok. I don’t know what happened when I booked the flight (I could have sworn I picked the flight with only 1 layover NOT 2) BUT for every negative there is a positive. Even though I ended up with an 18 hour travel time from Munich to Florida, I was upgraded by Icelandair (I could sleep, recline, and actually eat..If you don’t know… Icelandair usually does not offer food on their flights for economy). Thumbs up for Icelandair.

Since i have arrived safely in Florida… I will spend some time with my grandma then go to my mothers for Christmas and eat my heart out.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Heres a picture with me and my new best friend :p 


❤  Always





So I feel like I tend to write this often and tend to say bye bye to Germany…..OFTEN but this time I am actually leaving (not getting attacked by monkeys) and I won’t be back for awhile. I need to get out of Germany for some very much needed family time and vacation time. The snow/cold/grey can really bring someones mood down. Vitamin D is calling.

As most of y’all know, I am going back home to visit my family and friends. I haven’t been home for Christmas since 2014…It’s time y’all!  I am really excited about the amount of food I will be eating, the fun trips I will be taking, the beach/sun, and the videos that I (z.b. Mike) will be producing. I am hoping to make at least 1 vlog a week and a major “impression” video that highlights my whole trip. We shall see. I am also bringing German snacks and words with me from across the pond to try and trick my friends and family :p

I know being somewhere that doesn’t snow for Christmas seems a little strange for a lot of my German viewers BUT let me tell you….. It’s strange for me to celebrate with snow :p  I am currently on my long (I don’t know what I was thinking when I booked this flight) 18 hour flight home (MUC-RKV-JFK-MCO). Wish me luck you guys and be prepared to see some sunshine on my blog soon!


❤ always




Hey everyone,

Mike and I (mostly me), decided it would be an awesome idea to go to Neuschwanstein. I have been trying to make more “travel/interactive” videos…..which require me to actually leave the house and brave the outside world. We looked up the weather and saw it was actually going to be decent outside…So I thought to myself  it would be nice to finally start my Neuschwanstein video. Now there are so many things I have to say about Neuschwanstein and hopefully this blogpost won’t turn into a rant (please lord let it not be a rant).

I have been at least 5 times to Neuschwanstein….I live in Munich and have been living here for almost 3 years…..Why not go…It’s only an hour+ away?

It was extremely cold this time. This was seriously the coldest I have been in my life…Even with my down jacket, my beanie, my sweater, pullover and etc etc. I was still freezing my assoff…. I could seriously feel my soul turning into an even bigger ice cube than it already is (if you plan on going to Neuschwanstein from November-March/April DRESS WARM). I do have to say that the snow made it a little more magical though :p

There were too many damn people! Y’all! I am not over exaggerating but there were seriously SO MANY PEOPLE. Everywhere I turned……a selfie was being taken, people were talking too loud…People were touching things that weren’t supposed to be touched etc etc. It was just really crowded and sortuve made me feel like a sardine in a can.

Baustelle (construction). There seems to always be construction at this dang castle…If its not the bridge being closed, it’s the whole front of the castle being wrapped in plastic and metal. I mean the castle is still beautiful BUT the whole metal bars and ugly yellow signs just take away some of the beauty.

If you are in the Munich/Bayern area and you are thinking about going to Neuschwanstein….DON’T DO IT. I say this after going many different times and experiencing it during many different seasons. Neuschwanstein MAY be the “Disney” castle BUT it’s not worth the money in my opinion. The castle has too much of a “hype” around it and I seriously find it to be a tourist trap. I would recommend going to the little sister castle which is called Linderhof. SO MUCH MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! Plus…The tour isn’t as crap as the one at Neuschwanstein. :p


Love always ❤



Today is Thanksgiving (I have no idea when I will post this but hopefully it won’t take forever) and I have actually spent the day throwing up and other things. I ate something bad and I am just miserable. The reason I am writing this blog however is not to tell you about me being sick but to let you know that in less than a month I will be in Florida.

It’s been so long since I have visited home and since the whole South East Asia/Australia trip got pushed back, I decided to take a little break from the world and go home. It has been a year and a half since I have been back and boy do I miss it.

I realized that living in Germany has changed me in so many ways and the weather has made me have thicker skin when it comes to the “cold”. I will be one of those people in December swimming in the ocean….Because 70 degrees is HOT.

I am VERY excited about vlogging and showing y’all my family again but this time in depth 😀 I will be spending a lot of time 2+ months at home and I feel I have so much to tell my friends and family about Germany and most of all show you guys!


Sorry if this blog is all over the place BUT I AM SO EXCITED AND CANT WAIT!


Love always,

Hayley ❤


Follow up for the video I posted about being an aupair, I decided to make a blog post that is a little more organized in regards to this topic. Sorry it took so long, I have a chaotic unorganized life. I have dedicated so much of my time to being an aupair and I feel like I am a pro…Actually I fail miserably at it but I enjoy it.

Lets just jump right in.

An aupair is an exchange….You offer childcare and light household cleaning in exchange for a place to stay in some foreign country and a little money on the side. Is being an aupair glamorous? Not at all. If you are lucky…You could end up with a glamorous family and vacation with them in New York, Miami and London….Does that happen often? Nope. I was so lucky because I have been with a family that has taken me to places, I would never be able to visit or afford in my lifetime without them. Most of the time the families are “normal” MEANING not extremely rich but not really middle class or poor.

I get SOOOOOO many questions about my experience, how I have stayed so long, how much money I make ETC ETC. Now granted I can not answer every question BUT I can give a run down of every important point I feel is very necessary when thinking about becoming an aupair.

  • You live with the people you work for. You eat with the people you work for. You spend your time off around the people you work for…and the list goes on.
    • What I mean is that you could very easily GET TIRED of the people and you will most like have a little lack of privacy. Their home is your home and sharing is caring. If you are not a people person or do not enjoy spending time with people, I would not recommend being an aupair. There are days where you just want to walk around naked and that sometimes isn’t always possible.


  • You don’t get paid a lot of money. I think the going rate is 260/300$ euros/usd. Now when I first became an aupair, I really thought this was a lot of money BUT after 1 week in Munich I quickly learned I was a peasant and had to learn how to be frugal like a peasant….No seriously it’s not a lot of money…Especially if you have a weird obsession with Döner and currywurst (why am I such a fat ass?).


  • Your hours are a little mixed up. You will not have typical job hours of 9-5. I consider this a pro because I have a forever changing schedule and usually have a lot of time for myself but a lot of people see this as a con. Granted some families love having a continuous fluid schedule that never changes and if it does change they find a resolution that usually does not involve you. I find that working Monday 1 hour, Tuesday 0 hours, Wednesday 5, etc etc. and the next week a totally different schedule….quite exciting for a “monotonous” job.


  • It’s an awesome gap year. I always recommend being an aupair to people that are indecisive about going to school to start their degree or even finish their degree. Would I recommend you staying here over a year just to be an aupair and not do anything else? HECK NO. Either you stay and find a new job or you can stay with your family and start a second job or volunteer doing something.


  • Go to the immigration office with someone that speaks German or at least have basic knowledge of German. I promise with a little basic knowledge you will get a lot further.
    • Bring all documents and forms to immigration office
    • Get there early
    • Fill out everything COMPLETELY and legible (they won’t accept it if they can’t read it)
    • Bring cash, they usually do not accept card


  • It’s easy but hard at the same time. I mean you work with kids constantly and children can be very stressful and exhausting BUT you usually only work about 4-5 hours a day. I had so much time to do everything I wanted to do.


  • LEARN THE LANGUAGE. Seriously use this time to immerse yourself in the culture. You have no idea how good it looks to list: Basic – Intermediate X language knowledge.


  • Meet people. Do not lock yourself in your room all day and night. Please go out and make friends. If you are in a big city there are usually hundreds of other aupairs out there looking for friends.


  • Save your money and make extra money!
    • Babysitting
    • Side jobs
    • Teaching English- being a tutor (if you speak English)
    • Find a hobby that you can make money from





Walking in Germany

Good evening everyone!

Since living in Germany I have done 2 things….Gained weight and learned to walk. Granted I knew how to walk in the USA but it’s just not as common as in Germany. They have the whole “spaziergang” thing down to a T. I know you would think if I walk so much more nowadays, I shouldn’t be gaining weight….Have you ever heard of German bread? It’s the devil’s best friend.

This post isn’t necessarily about my weight gain, it’s about WALKING and how nice it is. I am able to experience Germany in a different way. Walking the streets of somewhere is half the fun. Anyone can drive a car, park it and arrive at the destination but I have learned that the journey is what makes everything so magical. I think I realize now one of the main reasons I fell in love with Munich (don’t get me wrong, there are millions) was due the fact that I discovered this city all by myself by foot. I have discovered treasures that I would never be able to discover if I did not WALK.

If you are in Germany and you are able to walk from point a to point b…PLEASE DO SO. Not only is it the healthier option, it is the most scenic 😀



Hello Everyone!

SOOOO, I know I told y’all I was leaving for an extended period of time and that I was going to travel all over the world etc etc. Well my trip was cut short….Basically my world trip turned into a 5 day airplane ride. I mean I was in South East Asia BUT it wasn’t for the month I had planned…..Maybe 2/3 days.

Long story short, I got bit by a monkey. Let me start by saying…. It wasn’t 100% necessary for me to come back to Germany but after speaking to the doctor in Bali, doing an in-depth google search and actually taking a closer look at my surroundings, I realized that Bali was not for me and that it was better if I went home.

As always I am expressing an opinion and I am only telling my experience/experiences. When you google Bali… Pictures and videos fill the screen of a paradise waiting for you AND to top it all off…IT’S CHEAP AS DIRT….Really REALLY CHEAP. Hotels that offer white sand beaches, people smiling around every corner and lets not forget the cute monkeys.

This post is going to be directed and tailored to the monkey forest in Ubud which is officially called the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Now granted I did not do that much research before coming to this place BUT I did read on the website that there were no cases of rabies found in the monkey forest and that the monkeys are “friendly”. Before going any further with this post let me insert that MONKEYS ARE WILD ANIMALS. I know they seem extremely cute and they are actually relatively small and you might think “omg this is going to be my new best friend” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s all a lie and please remember that MONKEYS ARE WILD ANIMALS. Back to the story.

My boyfriend and I got done eating and we both decided we would go to THE MONKEYS….it had such amazing ratings on google, the reviews were of people satisfied with their trip etc etc WHY NOT…. We got there too late and the forrest was closed. Me being the fat ass (seriously I am one of the laziest people on this planet) that I am, decided it would be a wonderful idea to sit on a wall/bank located in the front of the forest (not inside the forest but in the parking lot/street area in front of the actual forest). I was not the only one sitting down in the area and assumed it would be ok for me to sit. To my “liking” (I mean who doesn’t want a baby monkey crawling on them) a little baby monkey hopped on my lap.



The monkey decided I was not interesting anymore and hopped to the next person and so on and so forth. The baby monkey came back to me and sat on my lap again and I found him to be cute but nasty at the same time….
I am very weirded out about the hands as feet thing…it really freaks me out…..No really….it’s weird AF. I realized he was more interested in my cellphone than anything and thats when I tried to get him off of me. Refer to 3 sentences prior where I stated that they have hands as feet WELL this dang monkey was not letting me get him off of me and started wrapping his little….hands feet..whatever the heck they are called around me and my phone and my arm and EVERYWHERE. In this process of octomonkey trying to pickpocket me or feel me up…Big Ole mama monkey thought I was harming her hands as feet baby octomonkey and bit the f*&k out of me. Not only did she bite my arm from behind (I couldn’t see her) (cheap shot monkey heifer) she tried to bite my back (thank God I had a wired bra on) and started scratching the heck out of me.

My wonderful boyfriend and I decided to go to the pharmacy and get some alcohol..antiseptic…bandaids etc etc. We were doctors on a mission…Actually we were like dumb and dumber trying to figure out how to go about cleaning a monkey wound. After going back to the apartment we were staying at…..I googled monkey bite and as always google told me I was going to “DIE” *cues dramatic music* I don’t even know why I looked on google because even if I have a common cold Google will tell me “death” -_- We made the wonderful decision to go to the doctor/clinic/hospital in Bali to let them look at the bite. The wonderful doctor told me that the monkeys in Bali have rabies, herpes and many other diseases and that I am going to have to get the rabies vaccination. NOW of course I don’t care about getting the vaccination  BUT what she told me afterwards is what really bothered me. The doctor told me I would need an immunoglobulin shot and that they do not have that in Bali or all of Indonesia and if they were to somehow order it for me it would be crazy expensive…. at around $3,000+ (just for that one shot). My travel insurance would have paid it but WHO HAS $300 for the first 2 shots $3,000 for the 3rd $150 for the 4th and $150 for the 5th JUST SITTING AROUND LIKE THAT….I DON’T HAVE MONEY SITTING AROUND LIKE THAT. I am Poor with a capital P.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.10.42 AM

My boyfriend and I sat and thought about our options….

Option 1: Fly to Singapore and see if they have the shot…If not fly to the next location and then back to Bali which is filled with rabies infested animals, dirty water, Dengue fever carrying mosquitos and so many other things.

Option 2: Fly to Australia to see if they have the shot, get the shot and then fly back to Bali which is filled with rabies infested animals, dirty water, Dengue fever carrying mosquitos and so many other things.

Option 3: Lose the flights I had to fly to Australia, buy new flights throughout Australia and start my trip over there and still have to dish out so much money for this shot…..

Option 4: Go back home (I am an American that currently lives in Munich so Munich is my home) where I know the doctors, where I know they have the shot and where I know there is no…. Dirty water, rabies, herpes B, dengue fever…..the list goes on.


Now I just got the immunoglobulin shot and let me tell you….It hurt. I mean I like shots BUT this shot really hurt. I had to get 2 big ole shots poked into my arm and into my muscle. I get my other 2 shots within the next 2 weeks and I am good to go. Granted I have to take 2 pills 3 times a day for the next month I believe and I just got finished taking another pill to get rid of any Herpes B that might/could have gotten into my system BUT  I am ok. WHAT I AM NOT OK WITH IS THIS COLD ASS WEATHER IN MUNICH. IT’S SO COLD. SEND ME HEAT AND SUNSHINE.

The final thing I can say about this whole experience is that first…. please be careful with wild animals…Even if they look cute. Second do a lot of research, after going on google and typing in Bali Monkey bite….you would not believe how many stories popped up about people being bitten by monkeys in Bali and being in the same situation I am or WORSE (some people were weeks in the hospital). Third, the monkeys are aggressive as heck and DONT BUY THE BANANAS THEY OFFER YOU TO FEED THEM….THEY CAN AND WILL ATTACK YOU FOR A BANANA. Fourth, if you are thinking about Bali as a vacation destination know that only the best is being shown online. Do I think Bali is beautiful? Yeah of course (some places are breathtaking) but there is a lot of poverty, pollution and dirtiness that comes with this beauty. I think the quality of life in regards to the people of Bali is amazing, everyone was so helpful, everyone was happy, people seemed genuinely satisfied with their lives BUT in regards to the standard of living, if you are coming from the western world I would suggest you think it over if you really want to go somewhere that is completely different in regards to standard of living. I am happy I got to experience this, I am pretty sure it’ll be an interesting story for my kids or grandkids. To the people that got bit by a monkey and are looking for peace of mind…As all the other bloggers/people that have written about this have said….You will be ok 😀

*My video will be up by Monday hopefully!!!


Love always ❤