Hey Yall!

I don’t know how you ended up on my page but I am so happy that you did!

My name is Hayley Alexis and I am this crazy American girl living in Munich, Germany. I grew up in Florida and decided I was bored with life. I decided to pack up my things and move to Munich. I thought I would only be staying for a year but I am rolling into my 2nd consecutive year (3+ all together) and still trying to “get my life together”.

I make videos showing Germany through my eyes. I try to compare what life is like in good ole Florida to wondervoll ‘tschland. I try to bring you along as much as possible during this crazy ride I call life. Spreading positive energy and laughter as often as I can.

Slowly but surely conquering the world one beautiful smile and pretzel at a time ❤

***New video every Friday on Youtube***