So I feel like I tend to write this often and tend to say bye bye to Germany…..OFTEN but this time I am actually leaving (not getting attacked by monkeys) and I won’t be back for awhile. I need to get out of Germany for some very much needed family time and vacation time. The snow/cold/grey can really bring someones mood down. Vitamin D is calling.

As most of y’all know, I am going back home to visit my family and friends. I haven’t been home for Christmas since 2014…It’s time y’all!  I am really excited about the amount of food I will be eating, the fun trips I will be taking, the beach/sun, and the videos that I (z.b. Mike) will be producing. I am hoping to make at least 1 vlog a week and a major “impression” video that highlights my whole trip. We shall see. I am also bringing German snacks and words with me from across the pond to try and trick my friends and family :p

I know being somewhere that doesn’t snow for Christmas seems a little strange for a lot of my German viewers BUT let me tell you….. It’s strange for me to celebrate with snow :p  I am currently on my long (I don’t know what I was thinking when I booked this flight) 18 hour flight home (MUC-RKV-JFK-MCO). Wish me luck you guys and be prepared to see some sunshine on my blog soon!


❤ always



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