Today is Thanksgiving (I have no idea when I will post this but hopefully it won’t take forever) and I have actually spent the day throwing up and other things. I ate something bad and I am just miserable. The reason I am writing this blog however is not to tell you about me being sick but to let you know that in less than a month I will be in Florida.

It’s been so long since I have visited home and since the whole South East Asia/Australia trip got pushed back, I decided to take a little break from the world and go home. It has been a year and a half since I have been back and boy do I miss it.

I realized that living in Germany has changed me in so many ways and the weather has made me have thicker skin when it comes to the “cold”. I will be one of those people in December swimming in the ocean….Because 70 degrees is HOT.

I am VERY excited about vlogging and showing y’all my family again but this time in depth šŸ˜€ I will be spending a lot of time 2+ months at home and I feel I have so much to tell my friends and family about Germany and most of all show you guys!


Sorry if this blog is all over the place BUT I AM SO EXCITED AND CANT WAIT!


Love always,

Hayley ā¤


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