Hello Everyone!

SOOOO, I know I told y’all I was leaving for an extended period of time and that I was going to travel all over the world etc etc. Well my trip was cut short….Basically my world trip turned into a 5 day airplane ride. I mean I was in South East Asia BUT it wasn’t for the month I had planned…..Maybe 2/3 days.

Long story short, I got bit by a monkey. Let me start by saying…. It wasn’t 100% necessary for me to come back to Germany but after speaking to the doctor in Bali, doing an in-depth google search and actually taking a closer look at my surroundings, I realized that Bali was not for me and that it was better if I went home.

As always I am expressing an opinion and I am only telling my experience/experiences. When you google Bali… Pictures and videos fill the screen of a paradise waiting for you AND to top it all off…IT’S CHEAP AS DIRT….Really REALLY CHEAP. Hotels that offer white sand beaches, people smiling around every corner and lets not forget the cute monkeys.

This post is going to be directed and tailored to the monkey forest in Ubud which is officially called the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. Now granted I did not do that much research before coming to this place BUT I did read on the website that there were no cases of rabies found in the monkey forest and that the monkeys are “friendly”. Before going any further with this post let me insert that MONKEYS ARE WILD ANIMALS. I know they seem extremely cute and they are actually relatively small and you might think “omg this is going to be my new best friend” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It’s all a lie and please remember that MONKEYS ARE WILD ANIMALS. Back to the story.

My boyfriend and I got done eating and we both decided we would go to THE MONKEYS….it had such amazing ratings on google, the reviews were of people satisfied with their trip etc etc WHY NOT…. We got there too late and the forrest was closed. Me being the fat ass (seriously I am one of the laziest people on this planet) that I am, decided it would be a wonderful idea to sit on a wall/bank located in the front of the forest (not inside the forest but in the parking lot/street area in front of the actual forest). I was not the only one sitting down in the area and assumed it would be ok for me to sit. To my “liking” (I mean who doesn’t want a baby monkey crawling on them) a little baby monkey hopped on my lap.



The monkey decided I was not interesting anymore and hopped to the next person and so on and so forth. The baby monkey came back to me and sat on my lap again and I found him to be cute but nasty at the same time….
I am very weirded out about the hands as feet thing…it really freaks me out…..No really….it’s weird AF. I realized he was more interested in my cellphone than anything and thats when I tried to get him off of me. Refer to 3 sentences prior where I stated that they have hands as feet WELL this dang monkey was not letting me get him off of me and started wrapping his little….hands feet..whatever the heck they are called around me and my phone and my arm and EVERYWHERE. In this process of octomonkey trying to pickpocket me or feel me up…Big Ole mama monkey thought I was harming her hands as feet baby octomonkey and bit the f*&k out of me. Not only did she bite my arm from behind (I couldn’t see her) (cheap shot monkey heifer) she tried to bite my back (thank God I had a wired bra on) and started scratching the heck out of me.

My wonderful boyfriend and I decided to go to the pharmacy and get some alcohol..antiseptic…bandaids etc etc. We were doctors on a mission…Actually we were like dumb and dumber trying to figure out how to go about cleaning a monkey wound. After going back to the apartment we were staying at…..I googled monkey bite and as always google told me I was going to “DIE” *cues dramatic music* I don’t even know why I looked on google because even if I have a common cold Google will tell me “death” -_- We made the wonderful decision to go to the doctor/clinic/hospital in Bali to let them look at the bite. The wonderful doctor told me that the monkeys in Bali have rabies, herpes and many other diseases and that I am going to have to get the rabies vaccination. NOW of course I don’t care about getting the vaccination  BUT what she told me afterwards is what really bothered me. The doctor told me I would need an immunoglobulin shot and that they do not have that in Bali or all of Indonesia and if they were to somehow order it for me it would be crazy expensive…. at around $3,000+ (just for that one shot). My travel insurance would have paid it but WHO HAS $300 for the first 2 shots $3,000 for the 3rd $150 for the 4th and $150 for the 5th JUST SITTING AROUND LIKE THAT….I DON’T HAVE MONEY SITTING AROUND LIKE THAT. I am Poor with a capital P.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 11.10.42 AM

My boyfriend and I sat and thought about our options….

Option 1: Fly to Singapore and see if they have the shot…If not fly to the next location and then back to Bali which is filled with rabies infested animals, dirty water, Dengue fever carrying mosquitos and so many other things.

Option 2: Fly to Australia to see if they have the shot, get the shot and then fly back to Bali which is filled with rabies infested animals, dirty water, Dengue fever carrying mosquitos and so many other things.

Option 3: Lose the flights I had to fly to Australia, buy new flights throughout Australia and start my trip over there and still have to dish out so much money for this shot…..

Option 4: Go back home (I am an American that currently lives in Munich so Munich is my home) where I know the doctors, where I know they have the shot and where I know there is no…. Dirty water, rabies, herpes B, dengue fever…..the list goes on.


Now I just got the immunoglobulin shot and let me tell you….It hurt. I mean I like shots BUT this shot really hurt. I had to get 2 big ole shots poked into my arm and into my muscle. I get my other 2 shots within the next 2 weeks and I am good to go. Granted I have to take 2 pills 3 times a day for the next month I believe and I just got finished taking another pill to get rid of any Herpes B that might/could have gotten into my system BUT  I am ok. WHAT I AM NOT OK WITH IS THIS COLD ASS WEATHER IN MUNICH. IT’S SO COLD. SEND ME HEAT AND SUNSHINE.

The final thing I can say about this whole experience is that first…. please be careful with wild animals…Even if they look cute. Second do a lot of research, after going on google and typing in Bali Monkey bite….you would not believe how many stories popped up about people being bitten by monkeys in Bali and being in the same situation I am or WORSE (some people were weeks in the hospital). Third, the monkeys are aggressive as heck and DONT BUY THE BANANAS THEY OFFER YOU TO FEED THEM….THEY CAN AND WILL ATTACK YOU FOR A BANANA. Fourth, if you are thinking about Bali as a vacation destination know that only the best is being shown online. Do I think Bali is beautiful? Yeah of course (some places are breathtaking) but there is a lot of poverty, pollution and dirtiness that comes with this beauty. I think the quality of life in regards to the people of Bali is amazing, everyone was so helpful, everyone was happy, people seemed genuinely satisfied with their lives BUT in regards to the standard of living, if you are coming from the western world I would suggest you think it over if you really want to go somewhere that is completely different in regards to standard of living. I am happy I got to experience this, I am pretty sure it’ll be an interesting story for my kids or grandkids. To the people that got bit by a monkey and are looking for peace of mind…As all the other bloggers/people that have written about this have said….You will be ok 😀

*My video will be up by Monday hopefully!!!


Love always ❤


4 thoughts on “I GOT BIT BY A MONKEY IN BALI

  1. Wow, that sucks. On the plus side: It’s very easy to avoid wild monkeys in Germany or the US :-). One of my sisters got bitten by a rabid dog in Vietnam, and every time she now encounters a canine in the streets, she stays well clear of them. Gute Besserung!


  2. I find you really funny and interesting but this post was honestly ridiculous… You sound so ignorant giving such an statement about Bali when you recognise yourself that you have been there 48 hours (for God’s sake, Bali has a surface of almost 6000 km²!!).

    Needless to say that everyone does some research before going to another continent, it is surprising you have a blog/YouTube channel giving advice to other people that is moving to Germany and yet apparently you didn’t do any research about Bali – I have not been there and I have heard a lot about this monkeys (that they are agressive, they are trained to steal, blabla, and that you should never touch them!).

    That said, I am glad you are okay!


    1. You’ve never been yet you are commenting…. about my opinion about traveling there. I would understand if you said you don’t agree with what I say or that what I am saying is rude but to say that you know more and you’ve never been there…. doesn’t make me second guess my opinion


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