From America Nach Deutschland

Ok, as always and often, this post has no particular function/purpose. I am currently sitting on the couch eating ice cream. I am however counting down the days until my mother is here. I have been waiting for this day…to FINALLY come, someone from home is coming to my stomping ground. The place I am so comfortable in and in my element.

Munich to me is what water to a fish is. Seriously, I am 100% myself in this city (most of the time) and I have wanted to show my friends and family this place for so long. I can’t even grasp the fact that in less than a month… My mom and God mother will be walking down the airport hall …. IN GERMANY. If you are like me (living abroad/far away from home) you understand how big of a moment this is.

I have not seen my mother in over a year and I think this trip is/was long overdue. I am so excited that I can finally show a little piece of my heart to some of the people I love the most ❤



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