20,000 Subscribers

I know…I am neglecting my blog. You don’t have to tell me (I know I keep saying I will change and get better BUT I think we both know that’s a lie). This post is basically a thank you post because I don’t like writing long things on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. I mean what’s the point of having a blog if you don’t type your heart out?….Right?
A few days ago I reached 20,000 subscribers on Youtube…I know you are probably thinking “What the hell is wrong with this girl?” “Why is she making such a big deal over 20,000 subscibers”?

I am so proud of my Youtube channel and that is why I constantly have to post about it. My Youtube channel is me in raw form. My youtube channel is so much wrapped into one package, it is a big ole bank of memories. Every video, every comment and every INFO BOX has some fun story behind it. For some people Youtube is just an outlet BUT for me it is so much more, it is my past that I look back at and see how much I have grown ❤

I don’t have any idea about where my Youtube is headed or what I have in store for yall BUT hopefully it’ll be fun and interesting AND hopefully you guys stick around. I would not have been able to make it through my time abroad without Youtube and the people behind the screen asking me to push through 😀 So thank you to everyone that is here and welcome to the new folks! I really love yall and am soooooo forever grateful!

First day in Munich 29.1.2015

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