Being “Black” in Germany

Good evening everyone!

Being sick and stuck in bed the past week has given me a lot of time to think of things to say/do when I am feeling better BUT UNTIL THAT DAY COMES I WILL MAKE A BLOG POST. I made a wonderful video lightly skimming the surface about being a “Woman of Color” here in Germany. I get asked often what it is like here in regards to racism and in general just being brown.

As always I am here to speak (well type) about what my experiences have been and what my opinion on the matter is. If you are looking for a hate filled post you might as well go to another blog or something BECAUSE IT AIN’T HAPPENING HURRR.

I know that a lot of people still think of Germany as this racist nation full of Hitler loving blonde hair blue eyed soldiers BUT sorry to break it to you THAT’S NOT TRUE. Germany is one of the most diverse countries in the world (personal opinion). Germany is surrounded/bordered by so many different countries that it is inevitable that it would be a melting pot PLUS they have Berlin…Which is basically Multi-Culti capital.

I do understand there is tension due to the whole “refugee crisis”(ughhh) as some like to say, which leads me to point 1…. The “racism” that I see in Germany has nothing to do with African Americans but with Middle Eastern & African folks. I feel like Turkish, Syrian, Nigerian  etc. etc. people get the sh*t end of the stick here in Germany. I am not saying they are treated horribly but I do see and hear people say things that sound a little “iffy” or I have to ask myself “Is that really necessary to say or do to/about these people?”

In regards to being identified here, I have never once had to list my “race” … SKIN COLOR….as an identifier. I mean I got in a lot of trouble for not deciding between the two religions they offered BUT I am still here and standing. I have not had to list my race for getting an ID card or for voting or for ANYTHING. In the US I had to list my race on college applications, test, voters registration application or drivers license.

I get a few stares, I get a few “woher kommst du?” and I get a few people that think my hair is a sponge BUT that’s not too harmful and I feel like I can educate people when they seem to be a little perplexed. As most people know I have an obsession with Germany. I really love it here and I feel that Germany and the people here are not able to love their country or their culture. Germany is a bustling land of culture and history, which has come so far from it’s past and I believe the best way to get over this “racist/nazi” Germany mindset is to just MOVE ON PEOPLE. Seriously, we do not have to forget but we can very easily scoot scoot into the future.


Goodnight ❤ Love ya


4 thoughts on “Being “Black” in Germany

  1. Dear Hayley,

    yesterday our au pair accepted a parcel for you from the letterman, meaning it belonged to someone in our house. I’m pretty sure it belongs to you, because the “Postfach” written on the parcel matches your address online.

    You can pick up your parcel in Möhlstr. 16 81675 at CSI- München e.K. Christian Schneider or Krautbauer Immobilien.

    Kind Regards

    Christian Schneider

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  2. Hi Hayley,
    I don’t know if you (or your readers) are still interested in the topic, but there is a brand new, 56 minute documentary, called “Afro.Germany” by Deutsche Welle news anchor Jana Pareigis, who traveled across Germany and met other Afro-German people. It is about their experiences growing up and living in Germany. The video is available online for the time being at (Original German version) and dubbed into English at: – Maybe you have seen it already – if not, I highly recommend it!
    Much Love!

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  3. Guten Abend , Hayley. Ich sehe Deine Videos mehr oder weniger regelmäßig . Ich bin nicht mehr so jung und gewohnt, englisch zu hören oder zu sprechen, aber das meiste verstehe ich oder glaube, den Sinn zu erfassen. Jedenfalls freut es mich, dass Du mein Land Bayern – München – Deutschland magst. Ich denke, Menschen wie Du sind der beste Weg um der Welt zu zeigen, dass hier nicht all blöd sind – AfD, sonstiges Pack.
    Wie Du selbst sagst, bist Du ein wenig verrückt, aber nicht dumm. Es ist gut, dass es Menschen wie Dich gibt; hier oder sonst wo.


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