Actually no, I did not personally shave my head BUT my head is shaved….Parts of it. I know I know, I am too cool for school now (ha ha -_-). There is actually reasoning behind WHY I did this. I know people say “Hayley, you’re not cool…STOP TRYING”. Let me start off by saying I KNOW, this was the only way to get rid of my little wanderer. Some of yall may not know (if you watch my Youtube videos religiously you would know) BUT I burnt my hair on a candle years ago and the hairs never grew back afterwards! There was one little spot that would never grow back and would always stick up NO  MATTER WHAT.

I decided to take matters into my own hands…. shaving my hair off seemed like the best solution…DUH I mean seems very logical. Here are some SEXY SELFIES (Just kidding, I am so not sexy). I mean when I do my hair and makeup, it looks really bad ass so I am very satisfied ❤ 😉


❤ Hayley


6 thoughts on “I SHAVED MY HEAD

  1. Hi, I am Alexa from California!
    I came across your YouTube videos last night and you had me laughing throughout!!
    You are a genuinely beautiful person and I admire your openness to share that with others. The thing that drove me to your channel is that I am currently learning German on my own and I have been on the search for YouTubers who speak Deutsch or are either submerged in the culture!
    As I have taken on this ambitious goal of mine, I’ve grown a greater appreciation and desire to learn more! Hoping that one day I will be fortunate enough to visit and perhaps a visit will turn into residence!

    With all that said, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you have gained another admirer and I look forward to seeing what is next along your journey!

    All the best,



    1. Hey Alexa! All I can say is do not give up! German is so hard but so beautiful once you get the hang of it. Thank you for watching my videos! I try my hardest to open up and show a little peak into my life here in Germany, I love it so much here! Keep up the good work and stay focused ❤
      KISSES from Munich xoxo


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