Bridal Event

Good evening friends! I am currently sitting on the couch with my pants on backwards and a baseball cap atop my poofy hair (SEXY HAYLEY). I am so happy I got through this Monday without any problems and that tomorrow I do not have to work until 12…Hallelujah. Ok let’s get down to business (to defeat the Hans)…Sorry Mulan reference :p

2 weekends ago I had the wonderful opportunity to work for a bridal shop (wedding dress, evening gowns etc etc.) here in Munich. This was not my first time working for them or hearing about them (refer to beginning of the blog- post titled church bells). The shop is called Hanna Jech Brautatelier

Like the first time, the wedding dresses were all amazing, the event was fun and I was satisfied with everything. I got some fun pictures for everyone and that is why I am posting this (because I know yall are tired of me posting 3 pictures a day of the same thing on Instagram). I would like to share all of the photos from the event!!! I will try to link everyone and everything below (this may take some time). I hope yall have a wonderful day and stay warm!!




❤ Hayley


3 thoughts on “Bridal Event

      1. No hill, I did that once and it happened to be the hottest day of the year… the views are nice, but that walk up to Philosophers Way was a killer, it never seemed to end.


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