Forgotten pictures

Good afternoon friends!


I have been missing home lately. I def. do not want to go back  but I miss my friends and family SO MUCH. While deleting a bunch of “files” from my computer, I came across a lot of old pictures. I mean a good 3-7 years. Looking at these photos I have realized that I have been blesses to have such a consistency in my life when it comes to family and friends. I have had the same best friend since elementary school and the same group of best friends since the beginning of high-school.

We are all living our lives, trying to make ourselves better but we will always find the time to communicate with one another. I think that having my group of friends is the only thing that has kept me sane over here in Munich. I have friends of course but these “people” know the real Hayley, good…bad…and ugly. I wish I could thank them for being there for me and supporting me and loving me in and through all my life choices… Even Christal who will never say it out loud (YES CHRISTAL I KNOW YOU LOVE ME). I don’t think they will ever understand how much I love them and how dear they are to me.

Maybe this post is a little too mushy but sometimes you gotta show a little love ❤




❤ Love yall


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