You Know You Are German When

Guten Tag Leute!!!


As most of yall know…I am basically German or at least trying my hardest to become German. I may have a little sass and be a little stubborn, I am slowly but surely embracing this process. If you are an avid Hayley follower, you know that I have a video series called “You Know You Are German When”. It’s probably the most watched playlist that I have on Youtube…I guess the German Volk (hahaha) love hearing what I think about them or love hearing their stereotypes. German people are a very interesting group of people…Unlike any other people I have met (based on nationality of course).

I am going to list my favorite of the stereotypes below. Who doesn’t like learning about a new culture!

  1. White bread isn’t necessarily the go to bread of choice. The majority of people eat darker bread here in Schland and to my ever growing surprise (I am still surprised) like it over white bread as as well.
  2. Mercedes, Porsche, BMW and Audi are every day cars. I know there are certain models of cars that represent “status” but in Germany a lot of “everyday” people operate these type of vehicles AND sometimes the taxis are Mercedes, BMW even Porsche.
  3. Kohlrabi, this is probably one of my favorite items to list because I have never seen this…. “thing” in America. It’s a vegetable I presume and it is eaten here all the time.
  4. Hitler is not a joke. Anything of that matter is offensive.
  5. Driving on the Autobahn is a piece of cake & anything under 100 is too slow (literally, everyone does it).
  6. Paying for water in a restaurant is normal
  7. You are on time… Always and if you are running late you let people know (it’s just good/common courtesy).
  8. You have a hobby and you are usually pretty good at it. I have yet to meet a German that does not have a hobby… horse back riding, wake boarding, skiing, bbq… ETC
  9. You are the authentic grill-master. Germans can grill like no other! I really think that I have power to judge. I am from the south. I used to eat BBQ 1-2 times a week. I have been all over the USA and have eaten all type of BBQ/Grill “meals” but Germany is really giving the other places a run for their money.




Love ya ❤ Auf wiedersehen!






2 thoughts on “You Know You Are German When

  1. Hi Hayley,
    I found your youtube channel a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued.
    After I had the chance to watch quite a number of the ones about Germany I was impressed! You are for sure able to pick up a lot of insides in a very short time. I have even forward your “What not to do in Germany” to somebody going to Germany for the first time, because it contains good advice well done in my view. Having grown up there I might have some cloud to saying that, I guess.
    It seems to me that your open mind you decided to have when going to Germany, has made all the difference to learn all the stuff in such a short time. And by the way, I think you are a much smarter cookie than you are claiming to be.
    You seem to have flat lined a little as of late, looking back at old photos? In case you need a fun German culture challenge to gain more insides let me know. Otherwise have fun on your favorite festival coming up pretty soon.
    All around great stuff your videos!
    The most important thing missing in the list above:
    “If you think you get sick from any exposure to the great US invention Air Conditioning, you are 100% German”


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