On Saturday, we’re tourists

Happy Sunday everyone!

The weather app says it’s supposed to be sunny and “warm” today but as I look outside all I see is disappointment and grey. I am praying it gets better so I can run outside as fast  as possible and soak up the sun.

Yesterday I had such a fun day. I met the wonderful Anni. We have been Youtube friends for awhile now so when she said she was coming to Munich I said “HEY GIRL HEY” Aside from Anni, I met some nice friends of hers (lets see if I get my spelling correct). Lourdes, Ziggy and Gizem. We had a fun day exploring Munich.

We went to Marienplatz….OF COURSE. Eisbach to see the surfers, Hofbrauhaus to see authentic lederhosen, Maximillianstr. (to buy some Chanel ;p), LMU to check out Geschwister Scholl and Katzentemple to drink a coffee.

I am actually quite happy that we made it to Eisbach (I have been living in Munich for quite some time and have never been). I wish I had the “eier” to go in the cold water and shred some waves :p I know I always give Hofbrauhaus a bad name but I do think if you are in Munich you have to go once (even at Oktoberfest..Even if it hurts to say it).

Yesterday was such a good day and I am so happy I got to meet everyone!<3 I now have to go to Frankfurt to visit Anni, it may take me awhile because I am a clam but I promise I will make it to Frankfurt sometime soon 😀


P.s. Anni is just as crazy as I am, if not more :p




Love ya ❤


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