Reverse Culture Shock

Good afternoon friends!

It is currently raining cats and dogs outside and I am in my room with the shutters down and lights off (spooky). I posted a video about having reverse culture shock. I guess some people do not know what that is so let me try to explain to you.

Reverse culture shock is when you go back to the place you came from and find things to be a little…. “different” and notice all the good and bad things about the place you are from. I used to always curse Germany for their Pfand and the love of bicycles but when I went back home I found myself missing these weird things.

I like to think that RCS is a good  and bad thing. It means you are adapting to the culture but it also means that you have spent too much time away from home.  I like to think that some of my points are a little harsh but I always say whats on my mind or on the tip of my tongue. I guess this was my fault as well. I should not have waited 1.5 years to go back home… There were bound to be differences </3

I will be making a part 2 about RCS, sometime in the near future but until then we can anticipate Oktoberfest videos ❤

Love Ya526876_10150945733513684_689592074_n


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