Florida….DO I LOVE YOU?

Ok yall, I am a little behind on this whole blogging thing because I keep forgetting that I actually have a blog (oops). I enjoyed my time in America. I do have a few negatives like the heat, the lack of public transportation etc etc but other than that I am so happy to be able to see my family and friend.


After not being in Florida for over 1.5 years I have come to the conclusion that Florida is not for me. I mean if you live in Florida and you live on the beach or 2 houses down from the beach its ok (but the majority of Floridians dont live on the beach). ITS SO DAMN HOT HERE (No…Like legit hot, I call it Satan’s toenail). The weather forecast says it’s 35 degrees Celsius but it feels like 44 degrees celsius… OK FLORIDA. WE GET IT YOU ARE HOT.


I also came back realizing that the water here is not as blue as I remember it to be. Maybe I am spoiled with all these European coastlines… Seriously the water in Europe is SO BLUE. I feel a little bad because I was born and raised in Florida (Florida Cracker). I correlate Florida with home but after this visit I see my home is in need of a little TLC 😦 It’s sad that people don’t realize the gem they have until it’s too late. I will post more photos of my photos of my Florida trip during the week once everything is uploaded and sorted through.



Love ya<3




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