Sexy Hayley

Good morning…Actually, I am writing this blog at 10:49pm but this will be posted in the morning!

If you are an avid Hayley friend you would see the photos on my Instagram and Facebook where I look like an Egyptian princess (I mean come on they aren’t too shabby). I made a wonderful new friend who just so happens to be a makeup artist. She asked me if I was free one day and if she could use me for photos. I mean as any smart girl I said yes OF COURSE (who doesn’t like getting their makeup done and taking photos)?

I think the photographer (whom I will link later) did an amazing job and made me feel so comfortable. I have yet to get all of the images but from the ones I have received I am more than satisfied. I decided it would be a lot easier for me to post the photos on my blog 😀

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day! I am looking forward to my vacation (to go home) to Florida for 2 weeks.

I am currently listening to H.O.L.Y by Florida Georgia Line

Photographer:  Jonas Albert 

Makeup: Alexandra Meier

As always…I will post the photos now



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