Hiking in Germany

Good Morning you early birds!

I mean it is officially 8:21am as I begin to write this blog post and I feel quite unmotivated. I literally still have my pajamas on after being awake since 6am :/ *Goals*.

A few days ago I had a wonderful opportunity to go hiking….. More like lets kill Hayley hiking. The mountain is called Jochberg and according to Wikipedia (best source ever) is 1,567 meters high 😀 I seriously have been underestimating hiking. I do not understand how people are able to wake up at 7am and walk up a big ole hill. I am from Florida… The most hiking we do is barefoot from the beach to the bar to get another Pina Colada (seriously, no joke). So when I showed up in jeans, Nike Air Max and a Michael Kors sweater I felt a little out of place compared to the people in their Patagonia, super dri fit technology sportswear -_-

While reading this you are probably thinking, why the hell are you complaining so much woman? ALL YOU DO IS COMPLAIN! I promise I will stop complaining in about 2 sentences time. Aside from my legs still aching and body pain I am very happy and proud that I made it to the top. I don’t know how to explain the feeling, it’s like you are standing on top of the world (Bavaria at least). I think I was also very lucky with the weather, it was seriously a beautiful “summer” day. Out of our group… I was the slowest, I was the person who complained the most and I was the only one taking pictures. “Insgesamt” it took about 2 hours to go up and down (I was dying and running downhill). I can finally X it off of my to-do list (yes hiking in the alps was on my to-do list). If you are ever in the area and are looking for a good “beginner friendly” hike Jochberg is the place for you!


love yall

Auf Wiedersehen ❤



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